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Many people want to know which website is the best for free live cams. I think the only choose for them is Chaturbate. Chaturbate is the #1 website for live cams and adult chat. Anyone that knows anything about webcams and strip cams go to Chaturbate for all their adult entertainment needs. In this article we take a look at why we think they are the go to webcam porn site. We look at tokens,models, and ease of use and of course your the judge. 

How Much Are Tokens

Many websites charge .20 cents or more for tokens, Chaturbate tokens average are .10c per token and .6 of that goes to the model.If you get a lot more tokens though they do give you a discount so that is just an average. Tokens are really cheap compared to other websites but users buy more so they are more benefical then other webcam sites. 

How Many Webcam Models Are On Chaturbate?

That is a good question that I don't think there really is an answer. Every day new people show up and try to model and webcam. A lot of people just never get anyone to see there page so they end up staying on page 2 and no one sees them. I suggest using tags and try a certain fetish if you want to get discovered. Chances are no matter if you are big or small, young or old,black or white someone is into you at this very moment so the key is to get discovered. Anyhow though most of the time there is at least 200-300 models online but there is 1000s of Chaturbate models. How many webcam models at a time is something that only Chaturbate knows. 

Ease Of Use 

If you are wanting a webcam website that is easy to use than you are in luck. The reason why Chaturbate has become so successful is because they are so easy to use. Before they came around you would see a model having an adult chat with someone for a minute than the website would tell you in order to see more sign up. You would then see them continue chatting and you couldn't talk with them though. After a few minutes you would have to buy tokens. Chaturbate was the first website to let you see them naked without having to pay anything. Even when you sign up it is totally free and some rooms will let you chat with them for nothing. That was ground breaking at the time and it still is a pretty big deal in our book. Not only that but there Chat system is not cluttered like other adult cam sites. So its just as easy to use it as you would Facebook Messenger. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are wanting to chat and cam with a camgirl than our obvious choice is Chaturbate. It is the easiest site to use and not only that you can sign up for free. Why would you go to another website that will make you pay for just viewing like Live Jasmin. We enjoy naked girls live and live amateur couples having sex on private cams and if you enjoy it to than you will look no further than here. 


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